February Newsletter

February Newsletter

MediLodge of Mt. Pleasant Staff Newsletter

It’s the Start of Something New!

MediLodge of Mount Pleasant is starting some new things this year! One of those things will be this staff newsletter. Each month, a Newsletter will be posted to inform staff of upcoming events and staff recognition.

This month, we are doing a Missed Punch Incentive and a Donut Day!

There has been an ongoing issue of employees not punching in and out for their shifts. The Missed Punch Incentive will last for the Month of February only and will track employees who do not need their time changed due to missed punches. Each employee that correctly punches in and out will be put in a drawing for one of the two $50 bonuses being offered. Even one missed punch will put you out of the running! Make sure to clock in and out…Good Luck!

To make coming to work a little sweeter, we have also decided to have a treat day at least once a month. This month we are bringing in donuts for all employees (for each shift) on Friday, February 15th.

Also, here’s a special Happy Birthday to those born in January and February!

2-Jan Devin Essex
3-Jan June Galbraith
4-Jan Jamee Moffett
4-Jan Chloe Sisneros
8-Jan Megan Garver
15-Jan Jenna Roberts
19-Jan Vicki Lownsbery
3-Feb Archie Munn
5-Feb Jennifer Smith
8-Feb Patty Tatro
10-Feb Bailey Sharp
14-Feb Michelle Garrett

To download and print the February Staff Newsletter for you and a friend, click here!

Contact Payge Nestle if you have information you want shared in the next Newsletter!

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