Community Reintegration Program

Community Reintegration Program

Community reintegration is of utter importance when it comes to the elderly. Having programs and a plan to reintroduce members back to the community is extremely important after traumatic events or the loss of a loved one. Elderly care has many options when it comes to reintroduction. A few of these programs are liveable communities, villages, and co-housing; however, many others can be used. Liveable communities introduce safety and increased social events to bring the community together while having them feel at home. A safer community helps to keep its residents at the top of their health while ensuring they are physically cautious. Social events help to bring people together; they provide a place for activities that all can relate to and enjoy doing. Villages are programs that give the elderly access to a myriad of programs and services. These include recreational activities and the delivery of medication. Recreation-based events are significant for older people, as they will get them outside and help them to engage in exercise that is increasingly needed by the older generation. To round out these programs, we have co-housing. This method allows seniors to live in units together which helps to foster interaction and social situations. Generally, the co-op is owned by its inhabitants, which helps to instill a feeling of ownership. Having ownership over their homes helps to bring people together, as they are striving towards the shared goal of a higher quality of life.

At MediLodge of Mt. Pleasant we aim to provide our residents with an ample schedule of activities and social interaction.

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