Mary Lou P.

In the beginning when I was told I needed to come to a nursing home, I felt very depressed. Once I arrived here and met the staff, I realized this place is a blessing and so wonderful. Everyone here has been amazing to me. Bobbie, the Administrator, truly cares and actually comes and gets involved fixing any issues hands on. I had a situation happen where Tyler dropped everything he was doing and jumped into helping me! He fixed my problem immediately and made my view of this facility even better than it already was! Just when I think I can’t be impressed anymore, I’m surprised by something else positive happening. It’s a never ending cycle of good!

Dietary always makes sure I receive my meals early when I have to leave for treatments. Housekeeping gets this building so clean! The entire Therapy department is outstanding! They are so uplifting and make me feel special. Jodie from Therapy is very easy to talk to. Archie, the Transportation Director, is phenomenal! He has the absolute patience of a saint! Felisa and Ashley are CNA’s and are so gentle and nurturing. My nursing Unit manager, Teresa, makes sure my care if flawless. The activity department always stops by and invites me to everything they have going on. The Social Worker, Lisa… You can’t beat her! Britanie has gone out of her way every day to make sure I’m comfortable and as happy as possible!

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